How to configure shipping methods

Find the configuration in the menu Warehouse > Configuration > Delivery Methods.

For each shipping method in Magento, you need to create a delivery method in Odoo.

The connector creates a product [SHIP] Shipping costs, you can use it for the Delivery Product.


If you import a sale order but the shipping method does not exist, it will create it for you. But the configuration will not be correct, so you better have to create them before any import.

The ‘Magento Carrier Code’ is the code of the shipping method in Magento, for instance: flatrate_flatrate.

The ‘Magento Tracking Title’ is the text which will be displayed on Magento next to the tracking number.

‘Export tracking numbers’ defines wether the tracking numbers should be sent to Magento.


If you use the flatrate shipping method, you need to deactivate the option Export tracking numbers because this shipping method does not support to send tracking numbers.