Stock Tracking


alias of openerp.addons.magentoerpconnect.stock_tracking.MagentoTrackingExporter

class openerp.addons.magentoerpconnect.stock_tracking.MagentoTrackingExporter(connector_env)[source]

Bases: openerp.addons.connector.unit.synchronizer.Exporter


Export the tracking number of a picking to Magento

openerp.addons.magentoerpconnect.stock_tracking.delay_export_tracking_number(session, model_name, record_id)[source]

Call a job to export the tracking number to a existing picking that must be in done state.

openerp.addons.magentoerpconnect.stock_tracking.export_tracking_number(session, model_name, record_id)[source]

Export the tracking number of a delivery order.

openerp.addons.magentoerpconnect.stock_tracking.unwrap_binding(session, job, id_pos=2)

Open a form view with the unwrapped record.

For instance, for a job on a magento.product.product, it will open a product.product form view with the unwrapped record.

  • id_pos – position of the binding ID in the args
  • binder_class – base class to search for the binder