Monitor and resolve jobs

Jobs are located in Queue > Jobs.

A job is a unit of work for a single synchronization action. Jobs are executed by the ‘Workers’.


My jobs are not executed, why?

  1. The jobs all have an eta (estimated time of arrival), so they will be executed later.
  2. The Job runner is not started or configured properly

A job is in state ‘Failed’, what should I do?

The job encountered a problem. Display the details of the job, a section displays information about the exception.

The most comprehensible part of the error is at the bottom of the error trace. Sometimes, it proposes a resolution action. Other times, you’ll have to dive deeper to find the cause of the issue. Anyway, once you think the issue should not happen anymore, you can retry the job by clicking on Requeue.


At any time, you can use the button Set to 'Done'. This button will cancel the job. It should be used only if you really, really know what you are doing, because you may miss important synchronizations actions.

What happens if I shutdown the server when jobs are processing?

When jobs are interrupted, they won’t commit any changes to the database and will be restarted on the start of the Odoo server.

Note that the actions performed on Magento by a job could of course not be reverted, so they will be done 2 times.