Odoo Magento Connector

Odoo Magento Connector (also known as MagentoERPconnect) is a bi-directional connector, 100% compatible with the last Odoo 8.0 and latest Magento versions.

Based on the Odoo Connector framework, this new release of MagentoERPconnect has been initiated by Camptocamp and is mainly developed and maintained by Camptocamp and Akretion with several other Contributors.

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Core Features

  • 100% Open Source (AGPL version 3): the full source code is available on GitHub
  • Multis: multi-instances, multi-e-shop, multi-currency, multi-warehouse, multi-language
  • Synchronization of products catalog, customers, sales orders, stock levels, shipments, packages’ tracking numbers, invoices…
  • Built on top of the Odoo Connector framework with a strong and efficient core: it can then be extended or modified easily from separate addons
  • Payment workflow automation: depending on the mean of payment (credit card, wire transfer), possibility to automate workflows in Odoo (automatic order validation, automatic invoice validation…). For instance, a sales order paid by credit card will automatically create an invoice with the “paid” status
  • Load testing results: in a single day, successful import of more than 10‘000 sales orders from Magento to Odoo!

Top financial contributors

Logic Supply Debonix

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